Frequently Asked Questions

We hope these provides answers to your questions. If not, feel free to contact us!
1What is PHOLA?
PHOLA is an online website that rewards you for surfing around our website. You get paid for different activities
2Cost of Sign Up
Phola is relatively new and as such we will be allowing free sign ups but for only a limited duration. Although, it will cost N1000 (one-time payment) to become an affiliate. Affiliates are those that get paid for referring others. If anyone signs up through your link, or buys anything from our store. If you aren't interested in spending any money, its completely fine. you can still earn with a free account.
3How can I earn?
To get paid, sign up and get the bonus, login daily to get bonus and comment also to be paid. For additional income, sign up for an affiliate account to get rewarded when anyone uses your link.
4Does PHOLA really pay?
This site has been running for nearly two years and we have paid our members every single month. So you should join. Its free!
5I have signed up, What next?
After filling the sign up form, please wait while our team approve your account. If it delays more than 24hours (usually not up to), please send us a chat on whatsapp or email.
6How much can I earn?
We are not promising that you will make millions, but we are certain that the time you spend surfing our site will be worth it,
7Minimum cash out
We are very generous so we have decided to make the minimum cash out to be N100. Yes, One hundred naira.
8How can I cash out?
Cash out can be either by airtime or by Bank transfer. Any cash out below N501 will be sent as airtime. Above that amount can be sent directly to your bank account. There is a 10% commission on any withdrawal from N501 and above. That is, if you request to withdraw N1000, you will be sent N900 after removing commission. airtime withdrawal can be anytime but bank withdrawal opens from 25th of every month. To cash out, kindly fill the cash out request form from the menu and wait patiently for support to credit you.
9Do I get rewarded for referral?
Our referral program rewards you N20 for every person that registers via your link, You also get paid 20% of the price of any product purchased via your link. Since registration is free, why not share your link to friends and family as well as social media. That way you get some good bucks.
10I can't login
If you are certain that you have an account but unable to login, please reset your password and try again. if issue persist, please contact us