WARNING!!! Secure your facebook account NOW!

Hello there,

The rate of social media account hacking is very high in recent times. on this article, we would talk about facebook account security and how to protect your account.

Facebook account hacking does not give any signals. I am sure you don’t want to wake up one day and discover that you have been logged out of your account and not been able to sign in.

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  1. Login to your facebook
  2. click on settings
  3. click on security
  4. click on “Use two-factor authentication”
  5. select the “text message” option
  6. Enter the code sent to your phone
  7. confirm

The essence of this is to ensure that you are notified when ever your account is logged into a new device. if you are seeing this, open a new tab now and follow the steps. You cant tell when these hackers will strike.

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