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About Us

We are a reputable World- class based Training and Management Consulting Firm based in Nigeria. We offer services in Corporate Trainings and Development, Management and Business Consulting, Recruitment Consulting, Information Technology (Web Design and Development, and Software Development), Corporate Writings (Business and Proposal Writings), Procurement Services and other Financial Services (Setting up of Accounting/Finance Department) to Industry and General Contracting for both Private and Public-sector organizations.


We provide consultancy services on Knowledge Process Outsourcing, Business Process Outsourcing, Executive Staff Sourcing, Software and Apps Development, Procurement of Agro-Products, with training courses (Both Local and International) and workshops for ICT service management.


We lead in providing quality training and development for private and public sector workers both locally and internationally. We are in a business of providing innovative learning platform to new generation workers so they can deliver on demand of their workplace. The changing workplace demand workers with innovative skills, knowledge and attitude to cope with his/her task.



We are a registered company with a mandate to carry out the business of Training and Consulting. Expert in Trainings, Business and Management Consulting among other things.


With our idea of globalization, we collaborate with clients around the world to help us serve our client better. We are committed to delivering innovative and best practice solutions to help our deliver on stakeholders’ objectives and goals. Using our industry knowledge, service-offering expertise and technology capabilities, we identify new business and technology trends and develop solutions to help clients:


Our Vision


Our vision is to be outstanding world class solution-provider.




Our mission is to provide an enabling environment where every problem can be resolved according to global practice.


Our Core Values

Our core values have shaped the culture and defined the character of our company, guiding how we behave and make decisions, In Passionview, we value:


Passion – Our inner drive, our inner strength.

 Honesty – Making truth our foundational pillar.

 Creativity – Building on our past failures to become better.

 Innovation – Adding the marginal input that makes a massive difference.

 Trust – Our hope of a better future.

 Team Work – Our strength is in our individuality.


Our Strategic Approach


Our strategic approaches to problems are dynamic in nature so we can offer sustainable solutions to clients’ problems. To deliver on these strategies we have also engage dynamic workforce with right skills and knowledge to deliver seasonal solutions to seasonal problem in a timely manner. We are result and solutions driven in all our approaches to work.


Training and Development


In a fast changing world where customer demand is on the increase like what we are experiencing today, the need for training and retraining of staff cannot be ignored if organization must deliver quality and satisfactory product and service to her highly esteem customer. To help cushion the challenges of customer change in test and demand and build on staff knowledge to deliver on demand. We offer professional, corporate and personal development courses that will enhance organization performance. In order to reach our numerous prospective clients with their training needs, we have develop face-face training arrangement for those who can access us and e-learning platform for those who are at distance from our corporate office.


We have array of professional resource persons that can deliver training that will meet participant training needs. Our training and development approach includes:


Training Need Assessment

Training Curriculum Design and Development

Development and Delivery

Training Feedback

Training Evaluation


Our Training teams can help your organization move forward from current state of performance to next- level functional level. We provide training based on clients need, we provide:


Customized Training ( face to face and E-learning Platform)


Seminars and



 Training Services

Our Services

Our services are geared toward clients sustainability plan to secure their business in the short, medium and long term. Long term success is our major target, that is, sustainable solutions for survival and continuous success.


We consult for public, private and individuals in our targeted market. Our result-oriented solutions has earn us a big glory in the management industry. Client data-based has increase over the years with outstanding record of referral from existing clients.


Services Includes:

Training & Development

Business & Management Consulting

Recruitment Consulting

Information Technology Consulting

Business & Proposal Writing

Procurement Services

Financial Services

General Contracting


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