While you surf the site to learn about trending issues across different backgrounds, we thought is was only logical to reward you for the cost of data. Hence we came up with this system.

Before signing up, ensure you read our frequently asked questions and understand them. Kindly go through these questions and answers. If what you seek is not answered by any of them, feel free to contact us.

  1. Can anyone use this site? Yes
  2. what about people outside Nigeria? Yes they can. Although they cant earn with the system. At least not at the moment
  3. Can I enjoy the contents of the site without registering? yes you can. Although some contents might be restricted to members only.
  4. what is the cost to join? At the moment it is free. If anything changes, members will be notified.
  5. I cant login: check your username and password and retry
  6. I lost my password: click on forget password and enter the email you used to register
  7. After an activity, my account does not reflect: All activities reflect instantly except sponsored posts. Sponsored post will be included on pay-day. Ensure it appears on your time line always.
  8. Can I use multiple account: No. You will be banned permanently.
  9. How much can i possibly earn: you can earn as much as you work.
  10. Can I comment more than once in the same post? Multiple comment on same post is not allowed. We strongly advice members avoid multiple comments.
  11. What happens if my comment is detected as spam? The earning will be deducted
  12. Do sponsored post come daily? It comes based on activity from advertisers.
  13. What is the best time to share a sponsored post? ensure the post appears on your timeline latest by 11.59pm of the same day.
  14. Can I share any post I find interesting at any time? Yes. But you will only be credited for sponsored posts.
  15. What happens if my facebook post is not set to public? This means that we cant see your post, hence we cant confirm payment for you.
  16. What is the minimum number of facebook friends? 500
  17. What happens if i don’t have up to 500 facebook friends? Payments are not made to accounts with less than 500 friends
  18. How do I fill my profile link? kindly fill as  www.facebook.com/yourfacebookname. Please be sure to fill correctly or copy and paste as seen in your profile. if wrongly done, we won’t be able to view your shared post.
  19. What is the minimum amount for cashout? When your earnings reach N4000.
  20. Can I request for payments before N4000 is reached? Yes. It is called Emergency cash out. Although it will attract a fee of 20% of the requested amount. The lowest you can cash out is N1000. The minimum in this case is N1300. That is, when you reach N1300 and you request for cash out, we will pay you N1040 after deducting N260 as 20%.
  21. What is the payment period? payments starts from 25th of the month except for emergency cash outs.
  22. What activities makes me earn? Signup bonus is N50. Creating a  good post N5 (unlimited times) Daily login earns you N5. Each relevant comment earns you N2 and sharing the sponsored post earns you N50. Members can also earn airtime vouchers occasionally. This can appear on the site at anytime. it can also come from trivia questions and sport predictions.
  23. What happens when I do not login for long? An account not logged in for more than 30 days will automatically be deactivated.
  24. How long will this reward system be? We hope members don’t abuse the system. Our intention is to ensure you continue to earn always. We still reserve the rights to stop the rewards anytime.
  25. Can accounts be banned? yes. if our system detect any fraud or malicious activity, the account will be blacklisted without notification

How to share sponsored post

Our sponsored post is usually titled as Sponsored Post or with a unique image design

  1. Open the post
  2. Download the image
  3. Upload on your facebook
  4. submit/publish

Reminder: sponsored post earning does not add immediately. It will be counted on your facebook wall during payment. so remember to set your facebook profile to public so that it is visible during verification.

PLEASE NOTE: Rules of this reward system is subject to continuous updates. Although notifications will be sent across different media when there is any change.

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