Case Of Rape In Madonna University Nigeria, Elele Campus

Since the introduction of a group called Secret security Service otherwise known as Supervisors into Madonna university, peace has become a scarce commodity for both students and staff of the institution. The most difficult thing in Madonna presently is no longer how to pass one’s exams and graduate but rather how to escape the trap of this inhuman elements introduced by the Founder, Fr Edeh.

The apex of their brutality, unconventional and inhuman treatment of students took place yesterday at Elele campus when three of this gangsters invaded the privacy of female hostel at an unholy hour under the canopy of searching for camera phones.

In the process, they bounced on three room mates, blackmailed them, threatened them with expulsion and consequently lured two into having sex with them. One of the girls however resisted and gave a loud shout that attracted help from the police on duty.

The greatest concern here is that the Founder in his usual way of covering evil has horridly sent the rapists away and equally warned the parents of the victim that any attempt on their part to pursue the case will cost the expulsion of the their daughters.

To further close the case , the victims are even denied the permission to go home for proper medical check up but are rather managed in Madonna Teaching Hospital under the strict monitoring of the CSO – Yobo , a mad man who just got better at the pilgrimage center Elele after many years of madness.

We are calling for help as the victims are still denied access to their parents up till now .


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